Q      Who is Transition Planning applicable to?

A       Anyone considering making changes in their life. In particular those leaving demanding, responsible roles in order to create a more balanced lifestyle. We encourage those in a relationship to do this together as a couple, so they can create a plan both for themselves as individuals as well as one with shared activities.

Q      Who will be running the courses?

A       Our Transition Specialists are expert facilitators and have had long careers in business in various roles. They more importantly have enormous life experience so have a great understanding of others positions, their challenges and requirements.

Q      Where can I learn more about Transition Planning?

A       Here on the website or call us on 08 6180 5379.

Q      Where will the course be held and for how long?

A       We usually run our courses in a central location close to the city at a venue with small intimate rooms to make people feel comfortable. We also provide refreshments including a full lunch. The course runs between 9am and 4.30pm with a fluid agenda depending on the responses from participants.

Q      Is the course fee tax deductable?

A       It is dependent on the course. If you are a small business owner then it may be as an activity associated with your business. If you are a senior executive or other, you may wish to check with your Accountant as it could be classified as Professional Development and attract a deduction.

Q      I work closely with my Accountant and Financial Planner – why would I want a Transition Consultant?

A       The role of a Transition Specialist is to help clients explore the mental and emotional aspects of managing change. It is not a logical/analytical process, rather a process that allows participants to creatively design their future life map in order to transition in a positive, proactive way. Your plan, once completed, is designed to compliment the work you may be doing with other professionals.

Q      I’m thinking about my options of leaving my business – when is the best time to start a transition plan?

A       The ‘Best’ time is preferably many years before you are considering exiting – in reality it usually happens at the time when you feel ready to explore all your options and genuinely have the desire to move forward.

Q      I’m in a small business with a partner. Would we be required to do the sessions together?

A       If that person is also your Life Partner then we would recommend that you do the ‘Preparing Your Transition’ course together. The ‘Business Owner’s Transition’ program is all about the business so each partner may wish to do this individually as often there are different issues and concerns.

Q      If I attend the Group Forum will I be expected to share personal information?

A       This is completely up to the participant. Our courses are delivered in such a way that only those wishing to contribute are invited to do so – there is no pressure!

Q      How many people will be with me on the course?

A       We restrict the number of participants in the group sessions to ensure exclusivity and to focus on each of our participants individual goals. All programs can also be undertaken on a one to one basis.

Q      After the courses is there any further involvement?

A       Some people choose to engage in ongoing coaching to ensure they achieve their goals. Most though will attend one of our ‘Refresher’ Sessions at a future time. We’re also looking to provide ongoing updates and events for our clients and partners to support them into the future.