Transition Planning

Transition Planning is for Everyone

After a lifetime of success and achievement, it’s unlikely you want a retirement where work grinds to a sudden halt and you’re left to figure out the rest. Transition Planning is a crucial step to prepare for life after work.  It’s not retirement – it’s retirement redefined, tailor made for you.  It involves creating a proactive for the life you want to lead considering family & relationships, health, mind, recreation, spirituality, interests and community.  It’s as active as you want to make it.  After all it’s your life, & you’re in charge!

Transition planning is for professionals, executives and business owners who want to plan a transition that’s dynamic, ambitious & life changing by:

  • Redefining their lives beyond their existing career or business
  • Using a proven, structured, strategic approach
  • Creating an action plan with clear, easy steps
  • Preparing in advance – both emotionally and intellectually
  • Considering all options, including exiting gradually, maybe exploring a new business idea, or selling an existing business successfully

Are you a Business Owner, Professional or Executive?


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