Testimonials Transition Planning Participants

“The process and content provided by this workshop enabled a very insightful understanding of what and how my partner and I may transition into the next phase of our life together.”
Neil McGrechan

“I see now, after completing this course, endless opportunities to enjoy and have a truly meaningful retirement.”
Birgitt Beaton

“Inspiring, thought provoking – this workshop creates a process that can provide you with life long skills. Thank you.”
Gwen Bosenberg

“This workshop taught my wife and I about the differences in our decision making methods and we learned how to use these difference to come up with much better decisions.”
Peter Beaton

“I attended the LIVE with Purpose workshop facilitated by Hazel Ruby. It’s an excellent workshop for people looking at transitioning into a new phase of life. The content and processes were excellent. Hazel is a very experienced facilitator who made this even more enjoyable and very valuable.”
Suzanne McGrechan

“A totally life changing experience.”
Murray Mckinley