Transition Professionals

transition-professionalsI’ve worked for many years with financial planners, accountants, lawyers and business advisers and whilst I’ve seen the great work they do to help their clients prepare financially, there’s a real gap between this and making sure their clients are mentally and emotionally ready for the change.

A lot of these professionals have been telling me they wish they could do more and that’s why at ruby cubes we’ve introduced services to compliment the work you are doing by working along-side you and your client.

We Have Created Transition Professionals

Through being a part of the Transition Professionals network you are able to extend your services to clients, providing them support beyond financial considerations.

Using a collaborative approach we are able to provide programs that support your clients to ensure they are mentally and emotionally prepared for the transition from full time work.

Whether business owners, professionals or executives, these valued clients can benefit from an integrated approach which will ensure they have a tailor-made, documented plan aligned with their financial strategy.

To find out more about the benefits of being a part of Transition Professionals contact us today.