Why ruby cubes?

Clients choose to work with us because we understand that transitioning from work is a huge life change that requires careful thought and planning far beyond financial considerations.

Complement existing advisers

We work in close partnership with you and your existing advisers – such as accountants, financial advisers and lawyers.   We help you create your  tailor-made transition plan which compliments the work that you are doing with your other advisers

Inspiration and fresh thinking

It’s common to feel tired, stuck in a rut, or to have difficulty imagining a different way of living.  We’re here to motivate you, inspire you, guide you in order for you to discover new options you may never have considered.  We’ll equip you to tackle the changes along with any challenges ahead.

A Professional Approach

You’ll work with a dedicated consultant who has a wealth of experience and is highly trained to help you navigate the practical and emotional aspects of your transition journey.  Using globally recognised programs and materials from the Successful Transition Institute, supported by Transition Planning Australia we ensure your experience is strategic, efficient, and delivers positive, tangible outcomes.

So your transition from work is a planned, proactive and positive experience.

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