Why Transition Planning Became My Journey

Coming from a background in Financial Services I began to question how it was that we worked so hard to assist people towards financial independence and spent very little, if any, time focussing on what they wanted their life to ultimately look like. This becomes particularly relevant for those moving out of a business or full time work.
My curiosity took me down the path of researching why some people appeared to move seamlessly into the next phase of their lives whereas the majority struggled.


Could this be because for most of our lives we were encouraged to concentrate on things like study, work or career, buying a home, starting a business, being a good parent, advancing financially etc, etc………………and then years later…………….nothing!
There is very little discussion ever in relation to the next phase, which hopefully for most of us amounts to the next third of our lives. We may have done the token star gazing, focussing on issues like getting fitter, travel and maybe doing some part time or voluntary work.

What has become abundantly clear to me is that for most of us this isn’t anywhere near enough to ensure that we continue to feel truly fulfilled – the difference between those who do would seems to be that they consciously created a life which has real meaning.
This requires time to focus and explore exactly what this could look like for each of us as an individual. To answer the deeper questions like:
What did I truly enjoy doing in my youth and can I continue to be involved in these activities even if it is in a different way or capacity?
What things am I passionate about and how can I ensure that I make time for these?
What skills do I have that I wish to continue to use or build on that bring me fulfilment and what ways can I do that/
What do I want my legacy to be?

Without doubt helping people discover their answers to these and similar questions has a huge impact on the satisfaction and fulfilment they can experience into the future.