Presentation Skills

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Would you like to:

  • Happily accept an invitation to Host or MC an event?
  • Feel confident speaking in front of a group?
  • Effectively gather your thoughts when put on the spot?
  • Practice your skills at giving constructive feedback?
  • Increase your competency in an interview situation?

Come and attend one of our workshops or contact us to have a course designed specifically for your requirements.  Great leaders all began with a first step!

Gain the skills and confidence to present yourself competently in a group and have the courage to speak up!

Host-MC an Event

Learn to co-ordinate and run an event in a planned and effective manner.  Create and deliver a program that flows by considering your audience and your message.

Introducing You

Gain the confidence to introduce yourself in a way that is both informative and interesting.  Learn to make the most of opportunities to create a great, lasting impression.

Interview Techniques

Enhance your ability to represent yourself to your full potential.  Whether at a job interview, a career review or when you have the occasion to speak to the media.  Learn ways to make every opportunity count.

Trainee Appraiser

Practice the skill of effective listening as you learn to appraise the strengths others performance.  Encourage in a supportive environment whilst making suggestions for areas of improvement.

Spontaneous Response

Practice ways to formulate ideas quickly to enable you to speak eloquently without time to prepare.  Learn to manage nerves and keep a clear head when being put on the spot.

The Course

These essential Presentation Skills and more will be covered in the workshops and are accompanied by our comprehensive training guide

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