In these unusual times, it is more important than ever for us to explore the language we are using.  The messages we put out have a strong influence on our own and others mental and emotional states, and never more so that now.  In multidimensional coaching we focus a lot of attention on language, understanding the effect it has on our total wellbeing, in particular our mindset.

So, with that in mind, how about we change the dialogue from Social Distancing to PHYSICAL distancing – socially it is more important than ever to find ways to reach out and keep connected to others.

As humans, most of us crave interaction and there are many ways to do this whilst keeping each other safe.  How often have we put off making that phone call to a friend, family member, colleague or associate because we allow ourselves to become too ‘busy’.  And yet a few minutes chatting with someone is a proven way to create great therapeutic results (for both parties).

We are able to energetically connect and lift the spirits of others in so many ways.  Often we have heard that laughter can be the best medicine, so I encourage you to dispense this prescription regularly.

Some guidance that can really help you support others whilst maintaining your own equilibrium is as follows:

  • Check your own energy before reaching out to others and rebalance first if necessary
  • Be present when connecting as it goes a long way to ensure your message is received positively
  • Set aside time each day to connect with a few people for no reason other than to ‘be there’ for them
  • Have some uplifting messages that you believe, in order to help to lift attitudes
  • Be discerning on what you personally read, listen and buy in to
  • Look after yourself by practicing ways to balance your own energy – the more you do, the more you are able to give

I encourage you to be imaginative and have fun with the methods you choose in order to connect.  This way it won’t feel like a burden and you too will enjoy the wonderful benefits that arise from reaching out and offering support.

Stay safe, appreciate what is special in your life and please stay connected!

Hazel Ruby

Hazel Ruby

Hazel Ruby is the founder of Ruby Cubes and the creator of ICU. Contact Hazel today to make an appointment and work together.