The reason I named this article “I know what I don’t want” is because I hear this comment so often from people that I start working with or those that I talk to. I now know, that without doubt, if that’s what we’re saying to ourselves, if that’s where our focus is, then that’s exactly what it is we will be creating.

I remember reading a statement in the book of Abraham that says a ‘Belief is just a thought that you keep thinking when you choose a new thought, then a shift or change will occur’

One of the greatest ways I see clients shift their lives forwards towards their dreams and goals is by practicing what we call the method of choice. In our work, we focus a lot on The Choice Model.

The reason we focus on it is that it’s always, always, available to us, whatever the situation, because the choice is purely a way of thinking. I know in the past many of us really got into the practice of doing affirmations, chanting away, and I can remember myself chanting, “money comes to me in abundance” and yet what I know now is that my subconscious was actually saying ‘ball …!’ I’m not suggesting that this approach can’t work, yet what I observe is that it rarely, really does.

In contrast, when we learn to take back our power by recognizing our thoughts, acknowledging them, and then choosing a different approach, amazing change can occur.

I’ve seen this firsthand with many of the clients that I’ve been privileged to work with. They’ve been my teachers in creating a successful method of releasing old patterns, opening up to change and experiencing the incredible results that come from taking back their power.

The power to change our thoughts, so that we always come from a place of knowing that we have choice, enables us to see things more clearly and in that state of mind become more imaginative and solutions focussed.

I remember reading somewhere a statement quoted from Nelson Mandela where he said – ‘As long as we have the ability to manage our thoughts then we are truly free’ this came from a man who was incarcerated for his beliefs and yet he always believed we, as humans, always have a choice in relation to our thoughts…….how empowering is that realisation!

One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is to learn ways to monitor and manage our thoughts in order to create the outcomes we desire (NOT what we don’t want!) – this is definitely possible and I have witnessed the amazing changes and personal growth that can be experienced when we learn this art.  And, it’s available to every one of us.

Hazel Ruby

Hazel Ruby

Hazel Ruby is the founder of Ruby Cubes and the creator of ICU. Contact Hazel today to make an appointment and work together.