Produce a life map towards Greater Personal Success

Wellbeing retreats that exercise both the body and the mind

Create a more balanced lifestyle and actionable plan to get you there

Exercise your mind and body

Leave with a map that focuses on all key areas of your life

Great, fulfilling plans come from the heart. They come from a place of creativity and clarity – where your mind and body are in harmony with nature and away from the daily routine of every day life. For so many of us, taking time out to focus on our wellbeing rarely happens. Even when we find windows of time to examine new habits, they fall away so quickly and never really provide us with a true grasp on all areas our mind and body.

We have designed our wellbeing retreats to nurture your body and mind in a supportive environment whilst providing the stimulation to produce a life map towards greater personal success.

We promise on our retreats to:

  • Empower you with the tools you require to develop and action a plan that comes from the heart
  • Provide a great variety of activities that are mixed up to stimulate the mind and the body
  • Work without a strict schedule and instead with the energy and attitude of the group
  • Facilitate group activities that still encourage internal dialogue and reflection
  • Hold you accountable to that plan (if you wish) after you leave the retreat
  • Create an environment that’s lots of fun!

What are the retreats?

  • A beautiful, natural environment, which inspires creativity and action.
  • 3 nights accommodation, with nourishing country style meals provided.
  • Great company of like-minded participants.
  • Close to Perth yet far enough away to totally relax
  • Customised retreats can be designed for private groups or businesses

When are the retreats?

The Ruby Cubes retreats are spread out over the course of the year. Contact us to reserve your place at our next retreat.

Greater Personal Success (GPS)

The GPS retreat is our flagship retreat and is assembled with rich activities that broaden the body, belly and mind. Join us for our GPS retreat and you will:

  • Enjoy creating your own life map, which whilst simple, will be powerful in its outcomes.
  • Have fun participating in various activities designed to engage both mind and body.
  • Discover the difference between your habits or motivators, as you open up to new ways of thinking.
  • Experience the benefits achieved by clearing your thoughts in order for focus and realign your life with your values
  • Feel nourished by relaxing in the beautiful environment, whilst enjoying the fresh local foods lovingly prepared for our enjoyment.

Motivation and Preparation (MAP)

The MAP retreat is the continuation of our GPS retreat and gives you the opportunity to unlock the tools to take that map even further. Join us for our MAP retreat and you will:

  • Feel empowered to take your life map from the previous retreats to a whole new level.
  • Truly understand what may have been blocking your ability to experience fulfillment.
  • Further explore neuroscience techniques to help unlock your full potential
  • Enjoy the mind body alignment gained by exercise and movement
  • Nurture yourself by being immersed in the wonderful natural environment and enjoy the nourishment of our beautifully prepared foods.

Women of Wisdom (WOW)

As individuals we go through many different stages in our lives. This next stage of your journey is about you. Join us for our WOW retreat and where you will:

  • Identify, at a deeper level, what could truly fulfil you in this next part of your life’s journey and turn it into a reality
  • Have fun, experiencing great ways to strengthen your body and maintain suppleness and balance.
  • Absorb valuable wellbeing ideas specific to women’s health, which can easily become a new way of living – YOUR new way of living.
  • Open up to acknowledging your gifts and experiences that are part of the wisdom that you carry forward.
  • Take time out to truly feel nurtured by both the natural, relaxing surroundings as well as the beautiful prepared local foods.

We have a limited number of places available for each retreat. For more information about dates, the retreats or to reserve your place please contact us.

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What They’re Saying After The Retreat

My first ever retreat was a HUGE success! Being able to focus & plan with a group of likeminded, energetic & enthusiastic participants was fantastic. Hazel is a truly amazing facilitator and guide/mentor for making us a better version of ourselves

This retreat is a great reward for time invested, you will come away feeling more positive, calmer, motivated & ready for change

Enlightening, rewarding and fulfilling! I would encourage anyone wishing to find clarity in their life journey to attend

The presenters were truly AMAZING!!!! All delivered their content with such knowledge, understanding and clarity. They were patient, empathetic and supportive for those of us that required some extra guidance and support. Deeply appreciated

A wonderful opportunity to hit your ‘reset’ button and delve even deeper into what at a heart and soul level you can truly experience

I’m always so impressed with the experience that Hazel creates. I also enjoyed the extra spare time to reflect, relax and absorb the day and my feelings

Your guides

Hazel Ruby

Owner of Ruby Cubes

Having over the years attended many Retreats I found that taking the time out to focus on me and what is important in my life helped in gaining a far deeper sense of fulfilment. This lead us at Ruby Cubes on the journey of developing a range of Wellbeing Retreats to cater for the interests of our clients and the wider community. The common thread being, to assist attendees to explore the important areas of their lives and make plans to enhance them.

To do this we have our team of dedicated facilitators with skills sets in the areas of Health & Wellbeing, Exercise and Neuro-Training in order to deliver a program that encourages greater life balance. If you would like to experience what this could be like for you then we encourage you to take the first step by investing in YOU……..because you’re worth it!

Mitch Christie

Personal Trainer

Mitch Christie has always had a real interest in health and fitness and how it benefits our mind and body. His true passion lies in building strength in the body to overcome/prevent injury, resulting in a greater quality of life.

Mitch guides people in ways that help build strength of the bones and muscles, support healthy heart function, decrease body fat, increase energy and concentration levels as well as enhancing sleep thus decreasing stress/anxiety.

He believes that to become the healthiest and fittest version of ourselves, it’s vital we consider our lives as a whole and focus across many areas including: breathing, nutrition & hydration, the visual and vestibular system, our gut health, emotional stress, as well as moving the body regularly.

Mitch combines all these important aspects to assist others towards their total wellbeing.

Background & Qualifications
• Bachelors Degree in Exercise and Sports Science
• Masters Degree in Strength and Conditioning
• Cert III and IV in Fitness

Contact Mitch on 0428 011 419 for a personal consultation.

Cindy Lewis

Wellness Advocate

As a Mum the greatest challenge was to watch my daughter curled up in pain with stomach cramps that we couldn’t get to the bottom of. This started my journey of desperately seeking information that could help relieve these crippling symptoms.

In exploring everything to do with Gut Health I felt overwhelmed and confused by the plethora of information out there which so often seemed contradictory. So, my quest then became to simplify all this data and put together a program that made it easier to shop, prepare and serve healthy alternatives that all the family could enjoy whilst sticking with the principles of good gut healing.

My quest then turned to sharing this with others. To help Mum’s (in the main) by making it easy for them to understand what can help their family and just as importantly how to do this in a way that is simple and fits into their otherwise busy lives.

I meet with clients to go through their particular situation and assist them to design a guide and eating plan that works for their family dynamic.

More recently in order to further assist adults lift their energy and feel healthier I have also turned my focus to include the benefits of detoxing. Most of us over time have ingested, in one way or another, toxins and heavy metals that prevent our bodies working in an optimal way. I offer clients the opportunity to experience Ionic Detox programs to enhance their total wellbeing.

My philosophy is that by sharing our knowledge and experience we can all benefit by having healthier and happier lives.

Contact Cindy on 0418 833 366 for a personal consultation.

Helen Bennett

Senior Holisitic Yoga Teacher

I have practised yoga since the mid 70’s and began teaching yoga in 2009.

It was in 2006, when I was attending a course at the School of Philosophy in Perth that the discussion turned to the importance of doing something meaningful and worthwhile in life.
I knew then, that I wanted to teach yoga. I enrolled in a course and under the watchful eye of Margaret Wilcocks, at Greenwood Academy, I gained my qualification.

I love sharing yoga, so much so, I can see myself doing so, for as long as I am able. I would like to share what I am learning with others, so that they too, can catch a glimpse of the vast complexity and personal potential that can be found within the practice.

"Explore body and breath to calm and focus the mind so you can begin the journey within, to discover your true nature."

My qualifications relating to Yoga include:

- Diploma of Holistic Yoga Teaching from Greenwood Yoga Academy (2009);
- Certificate III in Fitness SRF30206 from Greenwood Yoga Academy (2009);
- Mental Health First Aid Certificate (2011)

I also have an ongoing membership with IYTA, (International Yoga Teachers Association).