A little stress is probably a good thing….that is if it is at the level where it motivates us into action – what isn’t good is when this continues on a long-term basis or elevates into being a state of distress.  As both these situations can seriously deplete our adrenal systems and in doing so dramatically drain our energy.

In today’s world the most effective way to manage this can be through balancing at a cellular level – where our response receptors live. This is because as long as we aren’t attaching to the ‘feeling’ of stress then we have far more ability to maintain our equilibrium and in doing so break the cycle of disempowerment that arise from the symptoms that we describe as stress.

Clients find that by creating harmony at a multi-dimensional level:

  • Head = Mind
  • Heart = Emotions
  • Gut = Intuition

they can not only cope more readily with potentially stressful situations, they can (and more importantly) not go to that default position to begin with!!

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of ‘stress free’ living by exploring the merits of Multi-Dimensional Coaching then call to make an appointment – what are you waiting for?

Hazel Ruby

Hazel Ruby

Hazel Ruby is the founder of Ruby Cubes and the creator of ICU. Contact Hazel today to make an appointment and work together.