Do you ever wonder why changing patterns in our lives seem so easy at first, to only fall apart when things get tough or life changes? Simple things like changing our health or wellbeing patterns are well intentioned but never seem to really stick? The thing with changing our external habits or behaviours is that you’re really just changing the symptoms – you’re not really ever changing the problem. Thus when we hit road blocks or changes, the habits fall quickly apart.

If you want to make real, powerful change in your life – you need to look beyond surface level habits and transform the neural pathways that produce our physical actions. This is what Inter Cellular Understanding (ICU) is all about.

Integrated Celular Understanding (ICU) is a unique framework that produces real, long lasting results. It harnesses neuro-training and forensic healing, kinesiology techniques, tapping (EFT), NLP, Reiki & much more to empower individuals to transform existing neuro pathways to create amazing, causal change in a way that never regresses.

ICU takes an individual through a balancing process that enables them to access blockages laying deep within their cellular memory. By unlocking this information a new understanding can be developed, which can then be used to create new neurological pathways enabling greater personal wellbeing and fulfilment.

Hazel Ruby

Hazel Ruby

Hazel Ruby is the founder of Ruby Cubes and the creator of ICU. Contact Hazel today to make an appointment and work together.