Business Facilitation Forums

Bring your team together in a one day interactive workshop to reenergise and reconnect with your company purpose

Create a map towards team goals

Explore values and culture

Build trust, communication and alignment as a team

Would your business benefit from taking time to refocus, realign and reenergise?

At the beginning of any new task or role, business leaders and employees are often fuelled with energy, excitement and motivation. As a team they are aligned with the company purpose and focused on the goal ahead. As time goes on and the journey to growth and success becomes busier, we tend to lose touch of what truly fuels us, creating a disconnect between our work and the company purpose.

Ruby Cubes Business Facilitation Forums are an opportunity for your team to take time out and reenergise. In an off-site location, we work with you and your greater team to reconnect with your businesses purpose and vision for the future.

What you can expect:

  • An experienced team of professionals
    You will be working with a knowledgable team of professionals who have many years experience helping teams and businesses reconnect to there purpose and reenergise as a group.
  • A dynamic environment
    Business planning days that are rigid or based on old paradigms no longer work in today’s dynamic marketplace. Using right brain techniques, we facilitate discussions in order for participants to open up to forward thinking and new ideas, whilst challenging the old ways to determine if they will support the businesses growth moving forward.
  • Fun ways of thinking
    Our forums include team building sessions along with physical exercise designed to engage the brain, our programs stimulate creativity and inspiration…plus the energy to carry the ideas forward!

What are the benefits:

  • Tailored to your specific requirements
    Whilst all small businesses can benefit hugely from taking the time out to focus on their future planning, not all have the same requirements.  The first step in planning a business facilitation forum is meeting with the key decision maker(s) in your business to plan out the program. Tailoring your forum to suit your particular situation ensures that you achieve the greatest benefit from the time invested.
  • Good people enjoy having input
    Bringing your team together so that they can provide meaningful input is highly valued by quality team members who you wish to retain. Surveys have highlighted the fact that these future leaders’ value being able to contribute more than what they earn.
  • Creating a culture of commitment
    By exploring at a deeper level the businesses values and how to embrace them, it is possible to get your team to engage in a way that creates positive cultures and ownership of outcomes. This means values become actions not words.

Contact Ruby Cubes today and together we can design and deliver an offsite day for your team that they won’t ever forget.

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What They’re Saying

Hazel has an amazing ability to tune into your thoughts, challenge them and guide you through an incredible journey of self awareness. 

So, to anyone considering using Hazels' services as a 'Multidimensional Coach' all I can say is - "what are you waiting for?”

Ken Scott-HamiltonBusiness Owner

We have worked with Hazel over a number of years and she has been of immense value in a number of ways. Hazel has run some fantastic workshops with our group, provided one on one coaching with our key staff and has been a source of advice as and when we have needed it. We have no hesitation in recommending ruby cubes to others.

Gary HaslerManaging Director

Working with Hazel is a complete joy. I have found Hazel's unique approach to self discovery to be so simple, efficient & incredibly effective. After only one session I was able to overcome a life long pattern that held me back from being able to fully embrace with confidence my true potential. After two sessions the view of my life began to change & has since unfolded into the vision I had long held on to but was not living.

Rebecca Dawson

For years, Hazel's guidance has so often been the difference between me achieving what I set out to do, or not. Using the various disciplines she applies during our session, she has assisted me to manage my energy, maintain focus on important areas, and remain balanced mentally, physically and spiritually. The role she plays in my wellbeing is unique and irreplaceable.

Dean Gilkison

ICU has been amazing for me. It has been groundbreaking and pivotal in allowing me to go forward in my life's journey. I thoroughly enjoy and am excited about each session. I very much appreciate the personal and pleasant approach. I am very grateful for the experience and highly recommend it to others.

Ray Mangano

In life we face major events or decision points that will have a bearing on our future and of those we care about; such as changes in career, relationships, death of a loved one and health issues. Over the past years I’ve experienced these and with the coaching Hazel has provided I’ve found strength, guidance and the ability to make change that I never would have felt possible. My health on all levels has never been better, I’m happy and have far deeper relationships with those close to me. I embarked on the world of self-employment and continue to benefit every day from ICU and working with Hazel.

Steve SmithConsultant & Business Owner

The 4 years as a client of Hazel’s has resulted in my transformation at a deeply personal level with benefits flowing to all aspects of my life and business. In sharing Hazel’s amazing work with my family, my wife and 3 children also choose to become ICU clients. The positive difference this has made in our family is profound. Whilst we are on our own individual journeys, we are growing together at an increased rate largely due to the mutual support of our family unit.

Rod LewisCEO & Director