It is a common catch cry for many running businesses that “what used to work for us doesn’t any more – doing business seems so much harder” and yet in saying this, there are some who are experiencing the reverse of this – “business has never been better”

So what’s the secret – what are the underlying differences?

From experience over a long period of time and working with many different businesses, common denominators would seem to be…. attitude and flexibility. Not purely from the business owners/managers perspective, importantly this also comes from the teams that they build.

So often we hear that X & Y generations don’t want to work – that isn’t our experience.  They most definitely do, only differently.  Those businesses that are able to quantify this, embrace it and make changes, are building great companies where their teams show enthusiasm and loyalty and which in time become ‘self managing’ – it all comes down to attitude and flexibility.

By exploring these areas and creating powerful visions for your organisation you can definitely bring back the fun and joy in your working environment that in turn lifts productivity and profit.

Isn’t the thought of that alone more empowering???

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Hazel Ruby

Hazel Ruby

Hazel Ruby is the founder of Ruby Cubes and the creator of ICU. Contact Hazel today to make an appointment and work together.