At Ruby Cubes we are always focusing on the whole mind/body connection when working with a client.  In doing so it regularly comes up that clients could really benefit from doing a Detox program.  So in order to further support those who are wishing to experience the benefits of greater wellbeing, we offer access to our Ionic Detox Program.

Cindy Lewis, our Wellness Advocate is available for client appointments, so if you have been feeling any of the following this could be exactly what your body is requiring:

  • Low Energy/Fatigue
  • Gut Health Issue (a particular area of interest for Cindy)
  • Brain Fog/Lack of Focus
  • Headaches
  • Feelings of Anxiety/Stress
  • Weight Concerns
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Soreness/Stiffness
  • Skin Problems/Allergic Reactions
  • Feeling you’re not the Healthy Wellbeing you could be!

These symptoms and more can often be addressed – make an appointment to see how Ionic Detox could help you…You’re Worth It.

Contact Cindy on 0418 833 366 for a personal consultation.

Hazel Ruby

Hazel Ruby

Hazel Ruby is the founder of Ruby Cubes and the creator of ICU. Contact Hazel today to make an appointment and work together.